Take Vacation and Recreate yourself

Why don’t American Take their Vacations? Keying on an article in the New York Times, Sunday Sept. 7, the author asks this question in the title to his article. I too wonder about this, and intuitively it does not seem a good thing.

The Bible and Biblical teaching encourage us to take care of ourselves. Even God rests on the seventh day. To recreate ourselves by giving ourselves time off, by educating ourselves, by talking to others when we need advice, is a key part of maintaining our health and well-being.

The vacation, or time off, whether you go somewhere or not is one of the ways that we do this. Time off and regular hours and boundaries around our work is a way that we have of giving ourselves time to regenerate, to recreate and to renew. When we don’t do it, we hurt ourselves and the company or organization that we work for. We are less satisfied with our jobs and our lives, and we are less effective.

Burning out does us no good and neither does it do the organization that we work for any good.

We live in a time when people are fearful about holding on to their job situations. We live in a time when employers have pared back the work force and put more and more work on the remaining employees. All of this works against vacations. But as with many things that we do, it is short term and short sighted.

Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to not paying attention to your need to recreate. It is part of the stewardship of you, as a resource.


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